Colin Cloud

“The Hipster Sherlock Holmes

Terrifying mind reading … Colin is as charming as they come.” STV


“A master of deduction …

Cloud finely balances his incredible Sherlock Holmes-esque detection skills with some very neat and well-judged comedic moments.” Edinburgh 247

“Colin Cloud takes the impossible, makes it possible,

leaving his audience open-mouthed… and just a little nervous.” Liam Rudden, Edinburgh Evening News

“Slick, skillful and utterly compelling”

***** Edinburgh Spotlight


Truly amazed. Go and see him – you literally won’t believe your eyes.” ***** Edinburgh Reporter

Highlights from forthcoming 2015 mind reader live dates include:

2 & 3 January - “The Experiments” Wild Cabaret, Glasgow
9 & 10 January - “The Experiments” Wild Cabaret, Glasgow
16 &17 January - “The Experiments” Wild Cabaret, Glasgow
23 & 24 January - “The Experiments” Wild Cabaret, Glasgow
30 & 31 January - “The Experiments” Wild Cabaret, Glasgow
30 January - “Elementary Emcee” Glasgow’s Second Annual Tartan & Turbans Burns Supper


1 February - “The Experiments” The trickery Aberdeen.
6/7 February - “The Experiments” Wild Cabaret, Glasgow
13/14 February - “The Experiments” Wild Cabaret, Glasgow
20/21 February - “The Experiments” Wild Cabaret, Glasgow
26 February - “Elementary Emcee” Business Insider & Bank of Scotland SME Awards 2015, Glasgow
27/28 February - “The Experiments” Wild Cabaret, Glasgow


1 March - “Colin Cloud: KILLS” Wild Cabaret, Glasgow
5 March - Confidential – Shhhhh
6 March – “The Experiments” Wild Cabaret, Glasgow
7 March – “The Experiments” Wild Cabaret, Glasgow
13 March –  “The Experiements” Enterteasement, Glasgow
14 March –  “The Experiements” Enterteasement, Glasgow
19 March –  “Elementary Emcee” Forth Valley Chamber Business Awards, Hilton Doubletree Dunblane Hydro
20 March – “The Experiments” Wild Cabaret, Glasgow
21 March – “The Experiments” Wild Cabaret, Glasgow
27 March (afternoon) – Confidential – Shhhhh
27 March – “The Experiments” Wild Cabaret, Glasgow
28 March – “The Experiments” Wild Cabaret, Glasgow


3 April – “The Experiments” Wild Cabaret, Glasgow
4 April -
“Colin Cloud: KILLS” Paaspop, Netherlands
1o April – “The Experiments” Wild Cabaret, Glasgow
11 April – “The Experiments” Wild Cabaret, Glasgow
18 April – “The Experiments” Wild Cabaret, Glasgow
19 April – “The Experiments” Wild Cabaret, Glasgow

24 April – Confidential – Shhhhh
15 April – “The Experiments” Wild Cabaret, Glasgow


16 May - “Masked” O2 ABC Glasgow


11 June – Confidential – Shhhhh
16 -22 June – Confidential – Shhhhh
26 June -
3rd July “Colin Cloud: KILLS”  Magic Fest, Edinburgh


4 July - “Colin Cloud: KILLS” Festival Theatre, Edinburgh


8 August – 30st August – “Colin Cloud: KILLS” EdFringe15


13 September - Confidential – Shhhhh


8 November - “Colin Cloud: KILLS” Stadsschouwburg-Utrecht, Netherlands


colin cloud kills poster

In 2014, Colin Cloud became the runaway success of the Edinburgh Comedy Festival Fringe with 23 sold out performances and multiple 5 star reviews. On top of this, his other show received the ‘Skinny Magazine – Talk of the Town’ award, which was the first time it had ever been awarded.

Colin Cloud is a forensic scientist who mixes mind magic and brain science with his love of Arthur Conan Doyle’s works, resulting in him being described as the closest thing in the universe to the real life Sherlock Holmes.

In his brand new show, Colin Cloud will, quite literally, get away with murder. (Well, maybe not literally with literal murder. That would be wrong. And illegal.)

Cloud will deduce everything about you, then he’ll be kind enough to explain how he did it.

You’ll understand why he’s never lost a game of poker, learn how to discover the phone number of anyone you like, recall information from the recesses of your mind and he will even share with you the ability to connect with people on a deeper and more meaningful level than you’ve ever experienced before.

He’ll leave you convinced he’s a psychic savant with the hypnotic powers of a calculated angel. Colin Cloud is potentially the most dangerous man in the world.

Luckily, he’s on our side.

We hope.

This blew my mind, this guy is sooo good, really amazing and so entertaining and engaging. I bet you you’ll come out of there going “how did he DO that!!” A brilliant hour of fun mind-bending stuff for all! Enjoy and catch it if you can before the fringe ends! Julie Odell

Amazing – and I was a sceptic! Can’t begin to work out how he does it. Very entertaining and he is a very personable young man. I look forward to seeing him at the Fringe in the future but reckon he is destined for greater things. Richard Mackintosh

Absolutely brilliant show, mad skills! He was personable and communicated well with the audience. A fascinating show! 5 Stars! Michelle McIntyre

Caught your solo show on Saturday evening… blown away. Great interaction with the audience and looking forward to the next time. Colour of Ham show directly afterwards was fantastic, again. Kevin Mcgaff

Absolutely loved this show – clever, funny, astonishing and no humiliating audience participation – a clincher! Go – he CAN read your mindCathy Mcculloch

What an amazing first show of the Fringe. How can he guess so much from drawings, words, amount of money? And the last moment is amazing, a must-see, he is a true magician. Lynn Holland

How does he do it? The family next to us were obviously transparent as he knew where they lived, the names of all their pets, and random words they read in a book. He is incredible. Peter Whitfield

Saw this show on our 1st night in Edinburgh and what a cracking start to our stay! Thoroughly entertaining, Colin Cloud was cheeky, funny and so clever – we were seated in the 2nd row and had a fantastic view but this gave nothing away as to “how he does it”. Definitely a WOW show!! Don’t miss it. Fay Collins


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“Takes the impossible, makes it possible”

Edinburgh Evening News

TV Entertainer.  After dinner keynote speaker. Live performer.

Look at your hands. Your nails. The heels of your shoes. What do you see?

Imagine someone who could look at those details and see everything. Everything.

“You see but you do not observe. The distinction is clear.”
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes) A Scandal in Bohemia. 

Only, you don’t have to imagine. Because this is precisely what Colin Cloud does.

He’ll know what you’ve had for lunch, where you’ve been that day, what you do for a living, the car you drive, even your PIN code. He’ll read you like a book. He’s already sure you’re quite the page turner.

He left ITV’s Jonathan Ross speechless (surely a first!). Ant and Dec screamed in disbelief! Mind reader and spoon-bender Uri Geller described him as “one of the greatest thought readers of all time”.  His peers predict he’s the next big thing in the world of Mentalism. The media have described him as the real-life Sherlock and witnesses don’t say much as they’re usually left speechless.

When the other boys were out playing football and hiding in the woods, Colin was predicting the score and finding their hiding places with almost psychic accuracy.

He’s the Holmes of entertainment, if Holmes had a flair for comedy. He’s the deductionist of hypnotism, the Great Detective of live events.

Colin Cloud is the best and maybe even the wisest man you’ve ever known. Cloud has performed for professional sceptics like Penn and Teller. He has wowed the hard-to-please Simon Cowell. He has certainly left people convinced that he does indeed have mystical skills of reading minds and influencing outcomes.

Performer, after dinner keynote speaker, consultant, coach, comedian: the entertaining and endearing Colin Cloud is THE forensic mind reader and you know you want to see him.

What’s more – he knows it too.

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Colin Cloud mind reader, Edinburgh, London, New York and LA.   

“GENIUS … Truly amazed”

*****Edinburgh Reporter

You want to hire Colin Cloud.

(You know it. We know it. Colin definitely knows it.)

Colin Cloud is rated as one of the top speakers and entertainers at events around the globe. Just 12 months ago, he headed one of the UK’s most successful motivational companies. Now he’s working with individuals and organisations all over the world, entertaining and sharing with them an insight into his unique talents and abilities. His years of skill and training are at your disposal.

The Entertainer – The Art of Deduction

What happens in the show? Well, we don’t want to ruin the surprise now, do we? But let’s just say Colin takes all the best bits from his live theatre tours and TV appearances and builds them into a mind-blowing experience, fulfilling your needs on a grand scale.

It’s exceptionally visual. Via a mixture of psychology, suggestion and humour, Colin will share with your guests the closest thing to authentic mind reading they will ever see. Everyone will feel involved throughout, although only people who actually want to come on to the stage will be asked up – win/win.

The end result? Your audience will spark with excitement. They’ll laugh, they’ll gasp and they’ll be amazed.

Colin’s material is written and devised by him personally. What you see cannot be replicated: not by anyone, anywhere. He is, quite simply, one of a kind.

This format has been performed on stage and in theatres around the world, for audiences of 50 to 4000. Nonetheless, Colin’s team will ensure that the performance is entirely tailored to your event and your requirements.

The Keynote Speaker- Mind Your Own – Own Your Mind

Having studied forensic investigation at university and with a passion for criminal profiling, Colin went on to work for seven years as writer and speaker for one of the UK’s most exciting motivational speaking companies. In short: Colin gets people. He understands how they tick. He knows their motivations and desires. Most importantly, he uses this knowledge to impart relevant material for improving and sustaining their effectiveness.

Themes covered include Impactful Connections, Affirmative Psyches, Transformational Endurance, Effective Influence, Heightened Awareness and Directional Guidance.

Whether you are looking for someone to help bring your teams closer together, or for a motivational speaker to provide something that’s fresh, empowering, high-energy and compelling, Colin can combine any or all of these elements to deliver a one-of-a-kind presentation.

Presented through of a series of personal understandings and demonstrations of scientific research, Colin will literally challenge the way you think about your job, your life… the world.

His presentation has been described by many as positively life-changing.

You’ll also be pleased to know that there is absolutely no role-play at any point – phew!

If you want your staff or delegates to not only feel but to actually become stimulated, inspired and passionate about their role within your organisation, this is the only option for you.

The Event Host- Elementary Emcee

The average attention span of any audience is three minutes. After that, you’ve lost them.

What if you had someone whose skills ensured they were kept thoroughly mesmerised throughout the proceedings? Who engaged them at relevant intervals, to keep energy levels high? Who provided focus for your guest speakers and your event’s outcomes?

With Colin’s understanding of social dynamics and showmanship, he has the optimal skill set to act as the conductor for your audience, ensuring they are at ease in the beginning, held completely captivated throughout and buzzing with enthusiasm by the end.

It’s no surprise that Colin is now rebooked to host events on a regular basis.

These events are all done with a natural energy and charisma that ensures your delegates are still talking about your event long after it’s over. Colin’s reputation is based on his ability to incorporate any brand message into a remarkable and alluring occasion for your target audience.

His experience is vast, from business awards to variety gala shows. Get in touch and you’ll quickly understand why Colin is relied upon as the superglue to hold monumental functions together

The Parlour Performer- Locked Room Mysteries

For the past few years, Colin has been regularly invited to the homes of celebrities and distinguished families to share with them and their guests experiences of up-close marvels.

Colin’s Locked Room Mysteries show is the perfect addition to any gathering. You’ll be captivated and entertained in your own surroundings, reliving the truest style of Victorian entertainment. It’s exactly what Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would have ordered.

Bringing his skills and abilities normally reserved for stage and screen, Colin will interact with your guests on a personal level.

Trust us, the only thing more satisfying than witnessing your friends being left open-mouthed as Colin reveals their deepest, darkest secrets (with permission – usually), is when he reveals yours.

There is minimal set-up and effort on your part, so you can completely relax.

Quite simply, this endearing and enchanting figure will arrive, astonish and depart. But the memories created will be treasured for generations to come.

Colin Cloud awards host
ColinCloud intimate event

Your guests will be left with only four questions:


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“Slick, skillful and utterly compelling”

*****Edinburgh Spotlight.


NBC Universal announces television project featuring the extraordinary talents of Colin Cloud the Sherlock Holmes of entertainment.

June 2014 – New York

NBC News’ Peacock Productions announced today that it signed a deal with the forensic mind reader Colin Cloud to develop a series. The deal comes out of its UK headquarters, led by Steve Anderson and Dean Palmer.

“As someone who was accepted to college at 15 years of age, Colin not only trained as a real life forensic scientist – he’s also quite the entertainer, and we’re thrilled to be developing a series with him,” said Sharon Scott, President and GM of Peacock Productions.

Inspired at an early age by Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘Sherlock Holmes,’ Cloud made it his life’s work to replicate the skills of a fictional genius. He is the self-proclaimed Sherlock Holmes of entertainment, if Sherlock Holmes had a flair for comedy; the Holmes of hypnotists and the Great Detective of live events.

Cloud studied illusion and stagecraft, forensic science and criminal profiling, and how to be funny while he was at it. He now beautifully bridges the gap between fact and fiction.

Cloud has performed for professional sceptics like Penn and Teller and has wowed the hard-to-please Simon Cowell. He has left people convinced that he does indeed have mystical skills of reading minds and influencing outcomes.

“Colin is phenomenal,” said Benjamin Ringe, Senior Vice President and Executive Producer of Peacock Productions. “I witnessed him make UK commissioners scream when he read their PINs from their minds. Be careful when you accept a meeting with him, you won’t believe what he’s capable of.”




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Colin Cloud mind reader, Edinburgh, London, New York and LA.   

“A master of deduction”

Edinburgh 247


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Your Thoughts … Literally

So here’s the deal. I’ve spent 15 years travelling the world, entertaining audiences (into the thousands) utilising the methods I’ve created, allowing me to deduce and reveal the most intimate facts, thoughts, memories and desires from people. I can reveal your PIN number, unlock your iPhone, open your email account, reveal the name of your […]

Colin Cloud – Forensic Mind Reader

“You see, but you do not observe.” – Arthur Conan Doyle Colin Cloud is different. Imagine someone who can tell you what you do for a living, what your hobbies are and exactly what you’ve done that day. Even the things you wouldn’t want him to, merely by looking at you. Nothing gets past him. […]

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