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Your Thoughts … Literally

So here’s the deal.

I’ve spent 15 years travelling the world, entertaining audiences (into the thousands) utilising the methods I’ve created, allowing me to deduce and reveal the most intimate facts, thoughts, memories and desires from people.

I can reveal your PIN number, unlock your iPhone, open your email account, reveal the name of your first kiss, announce your date of birth, the place you want to visit most in the world, your most personal dreams and fantasies and even know your name. All from speaking to you for less than a minute. And all without you saying a word.

By all accounts, I’m a dangerous individual to be around.

But don’t worry, I use my powers for good!*

So I’m genuinely interested, if I could know anything about you, if you wanted me to reveal something about you that I couldn’t and shouldn’t possibly know. What would it be?

Because I need a new challenge. And I think you might just be the person to provide it.

Get in touch and tell me … (unfortunately this stuff doesn’t work as well online. I’m a face to face kind of beast. A machine if you will.)

Get in touch here:
T- @Colin_Cloud
P- 07800 something, something, something …

XOXO (Gossip Girl style … You were all thinking it!)


*powers, may on occasion be used for bad. Or even evil.

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