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What’s next? …

Well after seven wonderful years, it’s time for a new challenge.

Today, the 29th of November 2013 is the day I officially leave the motivational speaking company ‘Tree of Knowledge,’ ( which, over the last seven years I’ve had the pleasure of working for, owning and, hopefully, helping to develop. So even though I’ll still be working freelance and helping out with certain events, this is technically my last day.

I first met TOK totally by change in January 2007 when they were hosting an event for roughly 1800 people in Glasgow’s SECC. By total chance I got chatting to the speakers at the end of the event, we hit it off, I had an interview a few days later and well, the rest is history …

My time with the company has been an absolute joy. I’ve had the luxury of travelling to some amazing places around the world, London, Munich, Kuala Lumpur to name a few! As well as working with some amazing companies including Santander, General Electric, Marks and Spencers and the phenomenal NHS.

And, more amazingly, I’ve worked with some of the most incredible, talented, creative and inspirational young adults up and down the country in secondary schools, quite literally, all over the place.

Tree of Knowledge employs some of the most enthusiastic and passionate people I’ve ever met and prides itself on being a people development company. I couldn’t agree more. The positive change I’ve found in myself over the last few years has been exceptional.

I remember reading once that that you are only as successful as the people you surround yourself with in life. It’s totally true. Surround yourself with asshole (that’s the scientific name) and ultimately you’re going to adopt the same mind-set and get into that negative down-word spiral as them. But surround yourself with positive and optimistic people, you train your thinking and perception to match that. It’s the latter who ultimately make things happen for themselves. Ultimately it’s a choice and an utterly empowering choice at that.

If I’ve learned anything over this last almost decade, it’s to absolutely believe. Believe in yourself, believe in the things you’d love to do in life and believe in that fact that you can make them happen. That is of course as long as you’re willing to work hard, have fun and aim to make a positive difference in your own unique.

A massive thank you to everyone who has been a part of this truly epic journey. You’ve all helped make it, quite literally, life changing!

It’s prepared me for whatever comes next.

And I can assure you. I’m just getting started …

But here are a few spoilers. It will definitely involve The Stand Comedy Club, performing my show ‘see what you want to see’ (via all over the world,’ TV shows, fine suits, lots of coffee and spending time way too much time in airports.

Bring it on.