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What the hell are you doing?!

It’s been a busy old month and while I put in place the final preparations for my brief tour of London and New York in December, I thought I’d give you all a quick update of my November so far.

From piloting the new show, ‘see what you want to see,’ to performing at some wonderful events for some even more wonderful clients. It’s been a quick one.

Previewing a new show is always daunting! Especially when I can’t really rehearse what I do without an audience. So as much as I can prepare for every eventuality, it’s not until I’m there, live and on stage I’ll know exactly what’s going to happen. No pressure, eh?

Needless to say that the reactions to all previews were very well received! Of the hundreds of people who saw it, the one main bit of criticism was, “You dress too well.” So that was a nice, if not somewhat back-handed, compliment.

But with lots of lessons learned, tweaks made, improvements added, bits taken out, sections added in … I think I can safely say it’s now in a much better place. And with comments like …

“a master of deduction … Cloud finely balances his incredible Sherlock Holmes-esque detection skills with some very neat and well-judged comedic moments” – Edinburgh 247

“I am absolutely fascinated by the art … and mind reader Colin Cloud didn’t disappoint … a great showman” – Edinburgh Little Black Book

… and …

“Colin Cloud takes the impossible, makes it possible, leaving his audience open-mouthed… and just a little nervous.” – Liam Rudden, Edinburgh Evening News

… all from the VERY FIRST show. And I know it can only keep getting better. I’d also like to say a massive thanks to those and the other reviewers who kindly came along.

Over and above that, I’ve performed in some utterly stunning locations, the Scotsman hotel, Crieff Hydro, The Fairmont Hotel in St. Andrews and the launch party of Peter Vardy’s new, huge and stunning BMW showroom in Edinburgh to name but a few.

It was also a wonderful opportunity to spend time “blowing the mind,” as he himself put it, of Ally McCoist. The Rangers manager was the perfect subject for a number of my ‘mind stunts.’ For obvious reasons I’m not allowed to divulge what I managed to pick up on from him (although for the right price, this could be revealed) but needless to say he was an absolute gentleman and great fun to spend time with.

So with the Christmas season now on the horizon and only a few days off before then, I’m gearing up for a wonderfully busy few weeks. Keep in touch via social media and I’ll keep you up to date with exactly where I am, what I’m doing and some of the exciting people I’m meeting.

t- @Colin_Cloud
m- 07800 …. If you can guess the rest, you’re a better mind reader than me!