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Hello wonderful people!

After an exciting year of filming (which you’ll find out lots more about very soon!) and writing my brand new live show, I’m excited to announce some of my live festival and tour dates where you can actually experience it!

There are still a few wonderful venues to be added to the list, however what you need to know for now is that I’ll be launching ‘Colin Cloud: KILLS’ at this years Edinburgh International Magic Festival, before taking it to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Then, thanks to the lovely people at Gag Reflex, the show will then go on tour around the UK and Europe before taking it further afield.

This is my most ambitious project to date and the feedback and rave reviews for it have already been overwhelming, so I’m very excited about your seeing it live. Tickets are on sale NOW.

In the UK, I’ll be visiting Edinburgh, Norwich, Darlington, Loughborough, Bristol, Liverpool, Cumbria, Falkirk, Warrington, Inverness, Aberdeen, Salford, Leicester, Leamington Spa and London.

You won’t believe what I have to say to about you…


Colin Cloud: KILLS at the Edinburgh International Magic Festival
26 June “Colin Cloud: KILLS”  Magic Fest, Edinburgh
27 June “Colin Cloud: KILLS”  Magic Fest, Edinburgh
28 June “Colin Cloud: KILLS”  Magic Fest, Edinburgh
29 June “Colin Cloud: KILLS”  Magic Fest, Edinburgh
30 June “Colin Cloud: KILLS”  Magic Fest, Edinburgh

1 July “Colin Cloud: KILLS”  Magic Fest, Edinburgh
2 July “Colin Cloud: KILLS”  Magic Fest, Edinburgh
3 July “Colin Cloud: KILLS”  Magic Fest, Edinburgh
4 July “Colin Cloud: The Art of Deduction”  Festival Theatre, Edinburgh

Tickets on sale NOW … Click here to book. 


Colin Cloud: KILLS at the Edinburgh International Festival Fringe

8 August – 30st August – 6:20pm – Pleasance Courtyard.

Tickets on sale NOW … CLICK HERE to book. 

Colin Cloud: The Forensic Mind Reader – THEATRE TOUR 
13 September – Confidential – Shhhhh
8 November – “Colin Cloud: DOODT” Stadsschouwburg-Utrecht, Netherlands
13 November –  Uppingham School, Rutland, Leicester
14 November –  Spa Centre, Leamington Spa
28 November – Dorchester Arts Centre
… I’m looking forward to seeing you there! I really hope you make it out alive … 
What words do people use to describe the show? Well, some of them include … “Mind Reader, Sherlock Holmes, Forensic Science, Mentalist, Mind Reading, Mentalist, Forensic Mind Reader, Astonishing, Amazing, Incredible, Deduction, Observation … ” I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.
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