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The Forensic Mind Reader Webisodes

So, the lovely people at Affinity TV have only gone and asked me to film a bimonthly episode of ‘The Forensic Mind Reader.’

Expect to see me freaking people out and astonishing them in the coming weeks and months.

Episode one is already up, here …

… And there is the first stunt on the way too!

I’m pretty much convinced there is nothing I couldn’t know or extract from your mind. However, if you have a ‘challenge’ for me (that doesn’t involve nudity!) then get in touch and let me know.

I’d love to hear from you!

T- @Colin_Cloud

And tune in to see another episode launched in a few weekends time!

Trust me, they’re going to keep getting more and more fascinating!

… I haven’t even filmed them yet. I just know.

Also, keep following me to find out where we’ll be filming again soon!

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