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The Forensic Mind Reader Making History … In Edinburgh

It’s been a while since my last blog, but with lots of exciting things that I’ve been working on finally coming together, I can start to tell you some of what I’m up to!


With my incredibly exciting run of shows approaching in Edinburgh (at Our Dynamic Earth, The Edinburgh International Magic Festival AND The Edinburgh Comedy Festival) I thought it was only fitting to kick it off with the first of many stunts I have planned to celebrate and raise awareness of these events!

As the first show is a week to the day of writing this blog (Saturday the 26th of April, 2014), in Our Dynamic Earth, I thought that would be the perfect place to start!

Our Dynamic Earth famously has an enormous glacier inside of one of it’s environments, so this got me to thinking that locking something away inside of a block of ice ensures that it can’t be tampered with.

On the 14th of April, I locked away my prediction, to be frozen in isolation for almost five days.

BUT, “How can a mind reader predict things I hear you think!?!” (You know who you are). I’m able to predict people. It’s my job to read people and reveal what they’re thinking. If I can read someone for long enough, I can usually predict, quite accurately, how they’re eventually going to think and ultimately act or behave. It’s the basis for all real world profiling.

So, how can I follow someone long enough to get inside their head and predict what they’re going to do?


… Twitter.

On Friday morning I became the first person in hidtory to accurately predict, with near perfect accuracy, the exact ‘Tweets’ of five well known celebrities.

For the past few weeks I’ve been following their posts intently to get a sense of how they tick. Once I was confident I had a sense of what they might write, I got to work.

On Monday the 14th of April, at 2pm, I froze this into the ice…


I also thought he’d tweet mentioning York, although you’ll notice I did originally write Bath, was a beautiful city. I was slightly wrong here as it was actually a retweet, so I don’t feel that counts.


Next up was Richard Dawkins. He largely retweets first thing in the morning, so thought he’d retweet something regarding Turkey’s first Atheist society given his views and the fact he hadn’t mentioned it yet.

He retweeted this …


I then decided to look at a few more celebrities to get a good mix of people. The talented and beautiful Ellie Goulding was my next target.

As a signer/songwriter she’s prone to quoting things. Whilst not entirely accurate, I said her tweet would include, “Happiness and Sorrow.” Her message had more than that. It actually said …


Ricky Gervais has the new series of Derek starting, so I knew that’s mainly what he’d be talking about. This was in mainly for some comic relief. Thank you Ricky.


… Nuff said.

So finally, Frankie Boyle. Given his strong views and honesty with sharing his opinion I knew that Friday being Good Friday would provoke him to wanting to mention it. Being a comedian he’d choose a stance of rebelling against it. So I knew he’d mention religion and also talk about getting getting drunk all weekend. He actually wrote …


So at 10am on Friday morning I invited a panel of journalists, photographers and visitors of Our Dynamic Earth to join me for a short presentation.


In the presentation I gave a background to myself, who I am and what I do. I offered a few examples of reading members of the audience telling them the first people they’d kissed, crimes they’d imagine committing…


… and then we got to the block of ice.


I’d explained what I’d done and encouraged them to bring out their mobile phones and get on twitter.

Bearing in mind I’d deduced and predicted this days in advance, it’s fair to say that they were quite stunned!

Please bear in mind that whilst we were in the room, some of these tweets were still coming in and people were actually seeing them being posted LIVE and yet, still perfectly matching what I’d had locked away in the ice.

Everything I do is for entertainment purposes only. Still, it’s exciting to know that I’m the first person in history to predict the exact tweets of other people.

… And I’m sure I will again.

So now come and see it live, starting here…

Tickets are available by clicking here.

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