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The 12345 Test

This experiment dates back the 4th of
October 1968.

Professor Joe Roberts tested all senior psychology students in his university by having them rearrange the numbers 1 to 5.

He discovered astonishing similarities between people and their organisation of these numbers.

If you haven’t done so already, please rearrange those numbers into a new combination. Rearrange them as much or as little as you’d like, but certainly change a few and decide why.

Now DO NOT change your mind.

So, you have your numbers rearranged, right? Good!

Prove it! Tweet them to me at … @Colin_Cloud with the hashtag #12345Test

Now we can begin assessing what it all means for you.

Look at which of the five digits you put first, here is what they mean:
1- Lazy. Let me get this right, You’re telling me that first choice was to not even move that one? I mean, come on. Start as you mean to continue people!! Hopefully you’ll get better at this…
2- Compassion. And a sign that you used to hate wetting the bed as a child. But as an adult, have come to enjoy it.
3- Focus. Not the ability to pay attention, no. By Focus, it means the type of car you’ll most likely end up driving.
4- Oh dear. EEEK! All I’m saying is, if you picked this, you’re either going to stand on a plug (bare footed), burn your fingers on a bit of toast, or potentially break a nail. You’ve been warned.
5- No one puts ‘5’ first. Never. Never ever ever. It’s never happened. There is not one documented case where someone put the number 5 first. Probably because they all went missing through mysterious circumstances before they could submit their results.

So, with that in mind, let’s look at your second choice of number. Look at which number you put second and check the corresponding meaning:
1- Lazy. You’ve moved it one place, I mean, come on! Must do better.
2- Fortune. 2 at position 2 means you’re going to be coming into money or someone else you know is going to be coming into money. Or maybe even don’t know, which is even more amazing when you think about it! Wow.
3- Iguana. This is a strong sign you’ll own an iguana within two to three weeks. You’d better start searching on Gum Tree.
4- Dead battery. You encountered a dead phone battery today. It was most emotional.
5- Quite simply, be aware of paper cuts. It’s an imminent stationary-based assault which is due to happen to you. May I suggest gloves?

Now the numbers get more meaningful. The third position number tells us about a new hobby you’ll consider taking up. So look at which number you put third.
1- None. You’re lazy.
2- Fencing. This could either mean ‘battling with the long metallic toothpick like swords,’ or building fences. You choice.
3- Face painting. Admit it, you’ve seen people getting their faces done for years and you’ve always thought, “I wish they’d let me do that to their face.” Well, now’s your chance. Go and realise your potential.
4- Appearing in the background on live TV broadcasts. Waving, making inappropriate gestures and ultimately removing items of clothing. Oh dear.
5- All of the above. Which is weird because number 1 is ‘none.’ So I’ll let you decide how that works.

The number in position four allows us to discover your perfect partner:
1- It’s not looking good. Just buy cats. I mean seriously. Get a few. They’ll last longer that way.
2- A cross between Richard, from Richard & Judy, and Judy, from Richard & Judy.
3- Anyone named Alex. But you will find they don’t like cheese. I mean, who doesn’t like cheese?
4- They will be tall, charming, witty, intelligent, intellectual, Scottish, able to read minds. I mean, I don’t know for definite, but I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say, excellent choice.
5- Matt Damon. Which is weird, cause this study is from 1968! And yet, you never questioned Richard and Judy earlier. Hmmmm…

Finally, what number did you put in the fifth position? People usually say, “last but not least.” But they don’t mean it. It should actually be, “Last and least.” It’s more accurate, don’t you think? Try it sometime! It’s most exhilarating.
So, anyway. Position 5 tells us how others see you.
1- Let’s be honest, it’s just you and the cats. Feed them and they’ll love you…until you’ve fed them and then they’ll just wonder off, or wee on the carpet, or something.
2- Sometimes they see you as loud and obnoxious and the rest of the time, you’re not with them.
3- They don’t like that you burp in public and that you think it’s cool. They find it quite repulsive. Except Andy, he appreciates it.
4- They rate you as a strong 7 out of 10. They like it when you bring them cupcakes and vouchers for River Island. Do this more.
5- They feel you read too many online personality profile tests and believe in them way too quickly.


How did you get on?!

Doctor Hector Ava Franklin disproved this test a few hours later in 1968. Still, you can’t deny that it did, fairly accurately, predict some future events.

In reality though, by submitting your arrangement of numbers you’ve massively contributed to an upcoming experiment of mine which, while I can’t reveal anything about it at the moment, it’s going to be most exciting. And you may just be able to consider yourself a life saver!

… All will be revealed. Soon.

PS: whilst on the subject of jovial chitchat, here’s a photo of me dressing up as Santa. Sort of. I’m such a Joker. But thanks again!

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