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An update on this UK Mentalist’s schedule…

(A photo of me blindfolded mid ‘hunt’ during my show… You’re going to have to come along to find out what that’s all about.) So it’s a busy weekend/week ahead!! Tonight (2nd May, 2014) I’m performing my first show in a run of shows throughout May in the Wild Cabaret’s ‘The Big Show’ in Glasgow. […]

Reading a stranger’s mind …

Hey lovely people. I hope you’re all wonderful and looking forward to Christmas. Last week, before flying off to New York, I was asked by West Lothian TV to head along to Livingston shopping centre (actually called, ‘The Centre’ … Coincidence?!?) and attempt some primitive mind reading on their customers. Have a look at how […]

How to best use me …

Not like that! If you’ve had a look at my last blog, ‘what is a forensic mind reader?,’ it explains roughly what it is I do. I take all my experiences from within the world of forensic investigation and the realm of ‘mind-reading’ to create unique and interactive live events specifically designed to best suit […]

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