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Scottish Mind Reader in Los Angeles

Well, it’s been a little while!! This forensic mind reader has been a busy boy. From writing new shows, to traveling to performing for celebrities… It’s been an eventful few weeks.

Highlights included being invited to perform at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, Los Angeles, for a fourth time, perfecting more of my new show.


… It’s a beautiful mansion which boasts five main performance spaces, multiple bars and a plethora of the world’s most talented performers.





These photos were kindly taken by Kevin McMahon, master magician and Director of the Edinburgh International Magic Festival. I didn’t wear a pink suit at any point by the way, but I’m now seriously considering investing.

While back stage I spent a serious amount of time perfecting my new 30 minute act…


… and even more time bored, waiting for the next show, taking ‘selfies’ in the mirror …





… Told you.

Not only were we well looked after by Jack Goldfinger and the rest of the staff there …


… I also had some of the most respected magicians and mentalists in the world come to see my show. That’s always both a daunting and humbling experience all at once. And when they leave some pretty exceptional feedback at the end of it, it’s very rewarding. Thank you all.

I also had plenty of time to hang out with some of my absolute best friends on the planet, David, Brandon and Ran.



As well as plenty of time with Kevin (as seen above) and my utterly talented amigo (are people still encouraged to say that?) Marcie Hume, who is a glorious genius for too many reasons to mention here.


I didn’t have much time to see all the sites…



… And whilst Spider-man with a shopping bag should have been the highlight, it was trumped by this fellow washing his car with a super soaker 450 (which is an unusual choice as it doesn’t offer much in the way of volume or pressure).


It was all over far too quickly (especially when Brandon and myself convinced David he could turn other people into psychics in the Hard Rock. Or the time I missed out the most important credit) but thank you to everyone I got to hang out with, spend time in the company of AND most importantly, the people who came to see my show. You were all wonderful.

I just can’t wait to get back out again very VERY soon. Watch this space.

In the mean time, enjoy this photo of me with my three lovely dancers …


Thanks for listening!! This was mainly a chance for me to put some of my holiday photos up.

This weekend I’ll be releasing my blog telling you loads about my new show and exactly where and when you can see it. It’s getting exciting.

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