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Mind Reader UK … To New York!

“New York, New York …” – Frank Sinatra [1979]

The only city in the world I know of that is based on a Las Vegas hotel … Or something and boy is it quite a magical place indeed!

Last week, after filming all those mind reading spots ( ), I had the pleasure of being flown over to the ‘Big Apple’ and spent a few days doing some wonderful things and meeting even more wonderful people.

I’ve wanted to visit this city since I was a child since watching Home Alone 2 … So visiting at Christmas, I hoped wouldn’t be too much for me!!

I could already visualise the headlines: “Scotland Mind Reader kicked out due to overexcitement.”


On my first evening, I shared with some budding New York mentalism-enthusiasts how a Scottish Mind Reader, such as myself, creates their own unique techniques to extrapolate information from the minds of unsuspecting humans, to a packed out room in the legendary ‘Tannens Magic Shop’. This resulted in childhood hero, now mentor and friend, Marc Salem, stating, “it’s the best lecture I’ve ever seen.” The trip could’ve ended there and I’d have gone home happy. VERY happy!


The following evening I got to perform ‘See what you want to see’ in the PIT theatre, Off Broadway, for a wonderfully appreciative audience. It is always a pleasure getting to share what I write and develop with every audience, but when it’s around the other side of the world, it does help make it just that little bit more special! Especially when other well respected friends and renowned performers (Ken Weber, Gil Eagles, Nick Belleas, George Tait, Eric Dittlemann…) all come out to see you too! No pressure eh? But it was very well received, so a massive thank you to the venue and all who were involved in making it happen!


I spent a lot of time in the Hard Rock Cafe with friends, as well as staying up to ‘the wee hours’ discussing the stuff I do with Marc, who kindly invited me to stay with him and his lovely wife, Tova, for the week.

Highlights definitely included my sightseeing/clothes shopping afternoon with the wonderfully talented ‘Vinny Deponto,’ who writes and performs his own unique stage concepts in New York and across America. It’s always great being around like minded people, so our constant brain storming was a joy (maybe one day you’ll even see our joint ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’ routine one day?). And we ate a lot of ‘Chipotle’ together.

Chipotle is basically amazing food, served in a cardboard bed-pan liner.

But seeing the actual location where the Turtle’s lived (as part of a secret tube ride around city hall … Not so secret anymore now that I’ve told you though. Damn.) and visiting the Ghostbuster’s fire station … I was taken back to being six years old. I was so giddy, I had Vinny take a photo of me pointing at it…


… See?

Speaking of brainstorming with like minded people, my penultimate day was spent with Doug McKenzie. Originally from Stirling in Scotland, Doug has lived in New York most of his life and is considered one of the greatest thinkers in modern magic. And after spending an afternoon with him, I can understand why! To put his abilities into perspective … This is the guy who helps write and develop magic routines for both David Blaine AND Dynamo’s TV shows … This is the guy they go to, to assist in making themselves look superhuman. Again, he left me with lots to think about … I didn’t sleep much on the flight home thanks to him.

So why was I initially in New York? Glad you asked. It all started because of a show. A magic show. A magic show written and performed by two of the most skilled card magicians in the world and directed by Neil Patrick Harris (yes Barney from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ … And the guy I apparently look a bit like. Yes thank you!!). Just to be clear, the show was exceptional. It was filled with moments of utter amazement, led with some exceptional food for thought whilst being genuinely hilarious.


The stars of the show, Helder Guimaraes and Derek Delgauido, have crafted something utterly perfect. This is a show I will remember for the rest of my life. It sells out every night, is full of celebrities and even left director JJ Abrams saying he believes in magic again. And rightly so. It ends on January 18th 2014 and if you don’t see it by then, I doubt you ever will again. You’ve been warned!

So that’s about it!

I’d love to tell you more about the psychological techniques I used to get Time Square to myself …


… No, really …


Or, how overwhelming it was to see this in person …


… Or more importantly, about the other amazing people I met who helped make my experience so special (even explaining what this photo is all about … Kevin?)


But that’ll have to wait.

For now, thank you for having me and I look forward to returning in 2014.

In the mean time, some other photos that’ll always hold dear, for more reasons than could ever be captured on an iPhone 5S.