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How to best use me …

Not like that!

If you’ve had a look at my last blog, ‘what is a forensic mind reader?,’ it explains roughly what it is I do. I take all my experiences from within the world of forensic investigation and the realm of ‘mind-reading’ to create unique and interactive live events specifically designed to best suit your audience ensuring they have an unforgettable, mind-blowing and utterly entertaining experience.

But what does that even mean?

Well,to be honest, depending on exactly what your event is going to be, look like, feel like … All of that will ultimately determine how you can best make use of what I do.

My job, first and foremost, is to entertain your audience and guests. I want to leave them feeling incredible. Feeling incredible about themselves and the time they spend at your event. Ultimately, the more they enjoy themselves at your event, the more memorable and meaningful it will become for them and you in the long run.

Now, while I’m considered to be a naturally funny and charismatic gentleman, I make sure that the comedy does not get in the way of the astonishment I want people to experience. I make sure that I get the balance just right. Yes I want them to laugh and then relax, but, more importantly, I want to leave them speechless.

It’s my job to have people think of things; personal things (with permission!!!)(usually), impossible things, meaningful things and then ultimately ‘know’ what they are merely thinking of. I’ll even give them a slight insight as to the ‘how.’ Not too much though, I don’t want to ruin the magic for them! This is an experience beyond regular magic, if anything, it’s the strongest type of magic possible as it happens right there inside of your own mind. Your mind is the place which should, technically, be the most private place in the world. And yet, it’s the perfect playground for me to, well … Play.

Imagine how your guests are going to feel, act and behave after experiencing this for themselves. They’ll see that there are no stooges, no camera tricks, the stuff they’ve seen on the telly (maybe they’ve even seen me do it on the telly?) is actually real. Or as close to real as possible. It’s utterly astonishing for them. They instantly recapture that childlike perspective of the world and will experience a sense of true wonder and excitement, all of which is ultimately attached to their experience and memory of your event.

Having been working in this field now for over ten years, I can assure you that I’ve mastered how to make sure that I ‘get it right’ for each individual, group and audience member in every one of my performances.

With sell out performances of me theatre shows, world wide, resulting in five star review, I pride myself on ensuring that what I do isn’t just utterly original, it’s also of the highest standard.

… So now that you know what I do, how well I do it and how it’s going to ultimately enhance your event, let’s look at the different ways you can use all of my unusual skills and abilities.

I’ve pretty much performed in every type of venue and for every type of audience you can imagine all around the world. So I’m now able to adapt what I do to ensure it plays perfectly regardless of the venue I’m in.

There are really two main different ways I can showcase and share what I do with an audience. The first is on stage in front of everyone in a stage-show-esque capacity and the second is to perform more intimately.

So let’s start with my stage shows. Having been performing for audiences of 20 to 4000 in recent years, this is where I feel at home. I’ve learned how to develop a formula that ensures everyone is involved and ultimate engaged throughout the show. My performances tend to last anywhere from 20 to 75 minutes although the perfect length of time is dependant on many things.

The length of time I perform for is based on what type of event it is, how many people are in attendance, the layout of the room, the time you’d like me to go on stage and ultimately everything else that will be happening on the night too. Having gained experience with all of these factors, when you get in touch we can work together to devise the perfect solution for your requirements.

As a regular performer in ‘The Stand Comedy Club,’ as well as my experience as a keynote speaker, not to mention (although technically I’m just about to) the various theatre shows I’ve written and performed in, I the know the importance of holding an audience’s attention. More importantly, I’ve perfected how to do it to ensure they all get the most out of my time on the stage. But even then, there is no point in doing an hour if forty minutes will have much more impact.

This stage performance format brings everyone in the room together. They get to laugh, gasp and feel amazed all at the same time. Everyone in the room, no matter what size your event is, will feel as involved as they want to be. Ultimately, it is your audience who will be seem to be making amazing things happen by the end of my time on stage.

I can assure you. There is no other live experience like this.

So what’re the intimate performances all about? Well, this takes what I do on stage and allows it to happen for small groups much more close up. Whether this is with me, as a guest, wandering around and interacting with people, or whether you choose to opt for ‘The Lab,’ where we’ll set up a performance area for small groups to come and join me for a short space of time and I’ll perform the same 21 minute long show (trust me, that time is important, you’ll see why!) repeatedly throughout the evening. It ensures everyone gets to experience it at their convenience.

Performing in this sense is much more personal for your guests. This is much better suited for events where a stage may not be available. In a mix-and-mingle situation, I’ll ensure I get around as many guests as possible, and with ‘The Lab,’ we’ll schedule a timetable to ensure that everyone gets a chance to see the show.

Having built a strong reputation as a full time performer, I know the importance of getting it right. That’s why we’ll work closely together after your booking to ensure what you decide on is the perfect style for you.

Hopefully this has given you a better insight into how to utilise what I do and also, some of the things to consider. Feel free to get in touch right away for a consultation and we’ll start working together to make sure your event is unlike any other.