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An update on this UK Mentalist’s schedule…

(A photo of me blindfolded mid ‘hunt’ during my show… You’re going to have to come along to find out what that’s all about.)

So it’s a busy weekend/week ahead!!

Tonight (2nd May, 2014) I’m performing my first show in a run of shows throughout May in the Wild Cabaret’s ‘The Big Show’ in Glasgow. (Click here for more information.)

Saturday I’ll be in Edinburgh rehearsing the stage show all day. So if you see me drinking coffee (or piña coladas?) with an laptop open in front of me reading page after page of notes… You’ll know what I’m up to!

I’m also currently planning the next big stunt which will be taking place before Magic Fest … More on this soon! After deducing what celebrities were going to tweet about, I think I know how to take this further.

Sunday I’ll be in Aberdeen performing with the rest of The Colour Ham boys at The Trickery (… go to their site to at least check out the photo of me on the front page with a beautiful lady … you know you want to! I know you want to. You’re trying to fight it. But you’ll eventually look. I won’t tell anyone.)

Monday I head to London for some shows and to catch up with my lovely Australian friend Paul! … I think he’s Australian. And called Paul? Hmmm… I’ve never thought about it. I’ll need to subtly check it’s not some marvellous ploy, or witness protection program, when I see him.

I don’t enjoy not being the smartest person in the room. Luckily it hasn’t happened yet.

THEN I’m back in Edinburgh to start the promotional work for this little beauty … MY NEW SHOW!!! .

Did you know tickets are already on sale for it AND it’s ridiculously cheap!?!

I’ll be writing a full blog on it this week, however, thank you already to the input from Don Jack, Graham Colvan, David Gerard, Ken Weber, Marc Salem and Gavin Oattes who have all sat down and gone through the preview shows with me in incredible detail. Much love to you all!

The show has already been receiving 5 star reviews, thank you Mike Smith!, but I know that by June, it’s going to be as perfect as it can be! (Click here for the review.)

… if you see me on my travels, do say hello AND if I can’t guess your PIN code you get £50. IF however I do guess it, the first two rounds are on you … I think that’s fair. Right?

WARNING: I will guess it and you will have to buy me two drinks. But it will be worth it so you can tell your friends that I read your mind. AND that you got to buy me two drinks.


Tickets for the Edinburgh Fringe can also already be purchased here. It’s filling up very quickly!! There are already some days you can’t get tickets for!! So hurry.


… See you soon lovely people.

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